Amount Raised: $39,540 | Goal: $500,400
Amount Raised: $39,540 | Raise Goal: $500,400

Do You or a Loved One Suffer from Chronic Inflammation or Pain? 

We offer a patented, organic medical food, plant-based lipid (oils) formulation, utilizing state-of-the-art lipid physiology for the management of chronic inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, skin disorders, neuropathy and other inflammatory diseases along with our patented Over-The-Counter supplement (plant-based oil) for general health & well-being.

Organic, Patented, and Vegan-Friendly Parent Essential Oils® (Plant-Seed Oils)

Who Is Oxygen4Life™, Inc.

Oxygen4Life™ Inc. is a leading edge biomedicine company that leverages its partnerships with multiple patents involving an all organic plant-based protocol Optimizing Patient Outcomes For Those Suffering From An Impaired Delta-6 Desaturase Metabolic Pathway.

The diseases that the medical food EZTREK™ manages include:
cardiovascular disease, diabetes type 1 & 2, neuropathy, dermatologicalAlzheimer's, IBS, fatty liver, CFS and other diseases involving an impaired delta-6 desaturase pathway. 

Physicians: Interested in providing PEOs or EZTREK™ to your patients?

How To Get Involved With Oxygen4Life, Inc:

 Health Practitioners

 A novel, highly effective dietary food designed to help compensate for impaired delta-6 desaturase (D6D) metabolic pathway for specific chronic diseases and disorders across diverse patient populations. Only available under the care of licensed health care practitioners.

 Investing Opportunities

With patents for the medicament for cancer, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, and other diseases. The combined potential market is in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year. By investing in us, we will have the ability to reach more target markets, and you will own a piece of the company.

Consumer Products

Learn more about our over-the-counter, first generation product, that does not require the monitoring of a licensed health care practitioner. Click the button below to visit our e-commerce website for more information and to order products.

The Future Of Oxygen4Life, Inc.

Onboarding Physicians

Using specific marketing strategies, we're able to reach out to physicians all around the country, educate them about the impact of lipids within the body, and give them the opportunity to provide our patented solutions to their patients.

Direct to consumer

Contrary to our medical food EZtrek™, available only through physicians, our consumer product PEOs has been on the market for over 20 years and is available through our ecommerce website, partnered food stores, and white-label resellers

Educating the public

With social media advertising, SEO, advertorials, influencers, and more, we plan to educate the public about the consequences of consuming processed lipids, the steps they need to take in order to preserve their health, and then introduce our product(s).

Build a movement

With the life changing information we provide, and the quality of results our products deliver, those who use our products, continue to do so on a daily basis, for their entire life. Life-long-customers share through word of mouth with friends and loved ones.
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